Ideal for a wide variety of applications and environments, projectors have for many years been the main stay of the audio visual market. They still have a major contribution to make in this diverse market as they offer the ideal solution to a medium and large display at a cost effective price.

With the introduction of lampless technology, the total cost of ownership on a projector has been greatly reduced, making it the perfect investment for a large screen solution.

At Universal AV, we work with some of the leading manufacturers such as Panasonic, Epson and NEC to allow us to select the right technology for you.

Universal AV are suppliers of all projector lamps and accessories at very competitive prices and can undertake projector maintenance services – please ask for pricing.

Equipment such as brackets, anti-theft projector cages and other associated items are also supplied through our network of trusted industry suppliers.

Universal AV have vast experience with projectors. Working with the leading manufacturers we are able to make the right choices when it comes to advising you on what projector you need. When you want to make the right choice you know you are in safe hands with us because it's what we do best.


The main benefits are

  1. Relatively low cost
  2. Wide range of sizes, brightness and resolutions available.
  3. Flexible use – computer content, video, live TV, video conference