Lecture Capture is a generic term given to the recording of a lecture, a lesson or a meeting. It can be either an audio or video recording, but more often is a combination of the two. Recorded lectures can be viewed either live as an IP stream or "on demand" as a video or podcast.

At Universal AV, we work with some of the leading manufacturers such as Exterity, V-Brick, Encoded Media and Triple Play to allow us to select the right technology for you.

Universal AV are able to provide the complete solution from design, supply and implementation. When you want a message to be captured and available you know you are in safe hands with us because it's what we do best.

Lecture Capture Systems


  1. Record Lectures and Create a Library database
  2. Allows lectures to be accessed online at any time via webcast or video on demand
  3. Students no longer need to be at the lecture, they can be anywhere in the world
  4. Greater student engagement and knowledge retention