Interactive technology allows for the physical interaction between an individual and a PC program. Ideally suited to the meeting or training room, interactive products are fast becoming the "must have" in a modern collaborative environment. Now more affordable and available in larger screen sizes, they are an essential tool for the modern workplace.

At Universal AV, we work with some of the leading manufacturers such asĀ Avacor, CleverTouch, C-Touch and Cohuba to allow us to select the right technology for you.

Every meeting should be a chance for your business to improve productivity and results. By making meetings visual and interactive, you can work with information in a more meaningful and effective way. Universal AV will make decisions based on your requirements and choose the best solution to suit you and your budget. Demonstrations are available on request and we offer a full installation & commissioning service.

corporate interactive applications

Benefits of Interactive Technology

  • Better training impact and knowledge retention, better performing people
  • Reduced travel time and cost
  • Better attendance at training
  • Improved staff retention and lower recruitment costs
  • Reduced training costs