Our hours and methods of work have changed dramatically over the years. Through the creation of different working areas within an office environment you enable your staff to select the most suitable environment and work method.

Agile working entails creating a flexible and productive environment through the use of audio visual solutions.

Agile working/work spaces see’s us move away from the desk work space, where work is traditionally carried out, and utilising space in a different manner.

With the rise of the millennial’s, can you afford to not include this work space in your building? This could be:

  • Standing meeting areas only
  • Collaborative meeting
  • Traditional Meeting Rooms

In these spaces technology and furniture is key to creating an effective working environment.

Standing meeting areas only - designed to ensure short/sharp fast paced meetings can occur.

"We have always collaborated, the use of AV and IT mean we no longer need to be in the same room or building anymore."

Collaboration means different things to different people and sectors, no one is right or wrong, and personal to how you wish to collaborate in a simple meeting, on a project, or in a learning environment.

A Collaboration room/area could take the form of:

  • A booth in the canteen
  • A traditional meeting room
  • A reception area
  • A lecture theatre
  • A traditional Classroom

It is the role of Universal AV services to work with you to deploy the most suitable audio visual solution, often encompassing IT and furniture, to meets your collaborative requirements.

This could be as simple as a monitor on a desk, wireless connection in a café or an interactive video conferencing solutions in a lecture theatre. Universal AV has the experience and technical knowhow to achieve and exceed all you needs.

Agile and collaborative workspaces


  • Cost effective meeting/work place
  • Stimulating workplace
  • Attractive to recruits
  • Increased productivity and efficiency