For customers who require a more comprehensive cover, Universal AV offers a bespoke warranty service. Taking in to account the client, the type of equipment and how the equipment is being used we can offer a service level agreement tailor made for our customers.

If the equipment is mission critical, we can offer same day response times and out of hour's assistance. Where necessary "loan" equipment can be made available to ensure your AV system is never down for too long.

For greater peace of mind, we can arrange Preventative Maintenance Visits to help prolong the life of your equipment. These are engineering visits which we make, in order to service your AV systems. We will supply you with a Service Report which will detail what we have done during the visit, what parts (if any) we have replaced, a report on the general condition of your system and, if appropriate, our recommendations on the current integrity of the system or how the system might be improved or enhanced in the future.

For more details on this please contact us.