The need for effective video calls has increased exponentially in the last two years and as a result the markets have been flooded with products and solutions.

The question we are often asked is: Which is best, the most reliable, interoperable?

Our answer is always that we will work with you to match solutions to your environment, IT infrastructure and business needs. No on solution is the same as another - room size, acoustics and meeting numbers all need to be considered.

It is not just meeting rooms that have taken a hybrid approach since the pandemic. The classroom has also seen a shift to hybrid learning with a variety of solutions available to help meet both academic and student needs.

Universal AV has arranged for a host of manufacturers to demonstrate working solutions for every room scenario at our technology event.

Take a look at which manufacturers will be showcasing the latest in hybrid solutions at our event on April 27th, at The Queens Leeds from 12 noon.

To book one of the last remaining places email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.