Learning and collaboration does not just have to be restricted to the classroom. Open spaces are being used as informative teaching areas. We are able to provide audio visual solutions to help take advantage of these spaces.

Better and more cost effective use of space has become a serious requirement within the Higher Education sector. The increased use of technology has allowed establishments to unlock these areas, creating a learning environment in areas that were traditionally seen as no go.

Video walls and display screens combine to inform and entertain. Augmented reality can be used to give context to lessons and the learning experience. Digital signage can be used brilliantly to stimulate students whilst imparting valuable information from the University.

Wireless technology immediately increases the space we have to work with. It can take the classroom outdoors and allow for students to educate at a place and time of their choosing.

The innovative design of audio visual furniture, allows for a different working environment, where students can learn as a group or as an individual.

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