Laboratory space and technology Labs can be space constrained. Lecturers need to be able to communicate with students clearly and often visually the most intricate of demonstrations. Interactive Technology and visualisers can help this – either displaying the demonstration on a large screen or sending it individually to workstations throughout the classroom via classroom management software.

Wireless technology allows for the simple integration of audio visual equipment in to environments which previously there was a problem. Science labs with sealed floors to prevent chemical leakage, temperature controlled environments, anti-static rooms have all benefited with the advances in such technology. Imagine using cameras with no wires, beaming the signals to students who can interact by touching a sealed glass screen.

Dicom simulated projectors allow for near medical grade reproduction of images for diagnosis and examination purposes; high resolution projectors presenting 3d images of anatomical or biological subjects. In every aspect we now see technology working with educators to bring students closer to the real life experience than never before.

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