The development of Team Based Learning environments is high on the Agenda of most Universities, as these student-centred rooms not only provide a visible wow factor, but also:

  • Provides a more inclusive and engaging learning environment that enhances the student experience
  • Stimulates deeper subject and concept understanding through problem-based learning
  • Underpins higher academic achievements
  • Makes a better use of space
  • Develops real employability skills; problem solving, team work and critical thinking.

Compared to lecture-based teaching, supported by new teaching material and instruction suited to the studio/workshop classes, students can now be immersed in team and class discussions. Teachers move around the room to interact with each group, helping students directly with their learning where necessary.  Teaching staff set the agenda, and the room provides students with the ability to work, learn and problem solve collaboratively.

Universal AV are able to provide the complete solution from design, and quotation to a complete managed installation support service. We will help you make the right choice to allow and engage your students. You know you are in safe hands with us because it's what we do best.

Collaborative/Team Based Teaching Space