The modern meeting room has changed through the use of audio visual technology. No longer is a flip chart and minute taking acceptable in the busy working environment. Productivity is measured in results, and the correct utilisation of audio visual technology in these rooms ensures your meetings are productive.

To allow for total flexibility there is a range of audio visual solutions that can help you make the most of your reception or communal area, including:

  • Do you still write on flip charts or white boards?
  • Who takes minutes and types them up? Timescales?
  • Who records what is on the flip chart or white board?
  • Are your meetings productive?
  • How long did it take you to get there and more importantly what is the cost?

If you question the answers to any of the above points then the question needs to be -
Can we work in a better, more productive manner?

Lots of meetings take place but as a company do you really get what you need from them? Research carried out indicates that only a 1/3rd of meetings are minuted, and from these all the action points do not get followed up.

Making our meeting rooms more productive is simple through the use of modern and innovative audio visual technologies. Universal AV suggest utilising interactive audio visual technologies, providing you with the ability to document and work upon documentation at the same time as minute take and distribute action points, working in a truly collaborative manner with home workers and regional offices.

Benefits of introducing interactive audio visual technology into the work place are:

  • Reduces administration time during and after meetings
  • Reduces travel time and costs
  • Helps reduce carbon footprint
  • Potentially save upon office and meeting room space
  • Allows meetings to be more productive
  • Allows for and engages remote workers
  • Allows for communication and collaboration across distances
  • Creates agile project teams
  • Provides flexibility in the workplace
  • Speeds up the decision making process

Elements to consider for a meeting room solution include:

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