Trinity Church is a family of people, centred around Jesus, working together towards a common vision and mission. It was formed by the uniting of three congregations on the High Street of Gosforth in 2000 and has grown into a vibrant and welcoming community. With roots in both the Methodist Church and United Reformed Church they have come together to create a unique expression of the church, seeking to honor those roots to help people to explore spirituality in new and creative ways. The Trinity community is served by a building on Gosforth High Street, which is not only a physical presence and a gathering place for worship, but also a focal point for the whole of the surrounding community through the provision of a Community Centre and Cafe.

The Brief

Trinity church are a local church with a healthy congregation who also record and put their services on the internet to a wider audience. The current video recording system was showing its age with out of date cameras using composite connections giving poor quality recordings and recording equipment with complicated uploading processes to post to their web site. Users were getting frustrated with little confidence in the equipment which was time consuming to use and operate with cables being swapped on a regular basis and a spider’s web of cables in the rack and on the desk.

Solutions & Planning

Universal were contacted for guidance and advice on what solutions were available to meet the Church’s needs and within budget.

They specified a full HD video recording system with camera control for all the cameras with an easy to use vision mixer, new repeater screens down each side of the hall and for the organist and a presentation switcher for laptop and video inputs.

We looked at the various solutions that could work for the Church and arranged for a demonstration of an HS-1600T all in one 4-Channel HD Portable Video Streaming Studio by DataVideo. The HS-1600T comes with a built-in web-ready recorder which records directly to an SD card enabling the users to have video files that can be immediately uploaded to their video network or website, with the ability to live stream should they wish.

Also to be upgraded was the repeater screens within the church to larger full HD models. With many people visiting the church, the old VGA inputs were proving a problem with most new laptops now having only digital outputs, so new local HDMI inputs for laptop connections were installed to the front and rear.


Universal worked with the customer to discuss timescales and infrastructure. Some of the existing cables had to be retained as they were installed when the church was refurbished several years ago. They were embedded into walls or under floors that are now covered over and could not be replaced or upgraded, the choice of product had to reflect this. We attended site with our engineers before the final brief was agreed to establish the products we were quoting would be compatible to make sure the install was right first time and all parties were satisfied the items quoted would meet the needs of the users for many years to come.

We did several site visits to establish cable routes and equipment integration with products they are keeping, the current sound system was not being replaced as this meet their current needs. From initial meeting to completion took around a year.


The Church has benefited by having a modern, intuitive solution installed that reduces their equipment whilst making it easy to use and operate. Duncan Cave, Account Manager at Universal comments;

"We were delighted to be able to help the Church. They have a solution that is much more intuitive to use and they are able to stream to the wider congregation much easier."

Trinity Church

Equipment List

  • Kramer switcher and long distance transmitter.
  • BluStream distribution.
  • Extron control.
  • Panasonic display screens.
  • Peerless mounts.
  • Datavideo video cameras, control, streaming and recording.