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NHS Rotherham is a modern and progressive trust with a reputation for clinical excellence and efficiency. The trust serves a population of 255,000 and has a vision of - "Better Health and Better Lives for everyone in Rotherham". NHS Rotherham believes that promoting investment in health can significantly reduce costs within formal health provisions, helping to decrease the overall burden of care in society. At an individual level, investing in a Health Capital can significantly reduce health crises and the impact on daily living. Quality of life is significantly improved over time, maintaining, not only, physical health, but mental wellbeing.

The Introduction

The PCT commissioned the project in order to establish the best methods of communication for health throughout the Borough of Rotherham.

Ideally, NHS Rotherham wanted an online/digital infrastructure that would allow them to build an effective and sustainable Health Capital, with the patient as an active participant in health maintenance. The communication channels chosen had to allow for growth and provide health information in a timely manner with a persuasive impact. The new school is located at the centre of business and commercial development in Newcastle and will provide a stunning gateway to Newcastle's Science City, an ambitious science education and commercial hub in the city centre. Both the buildings central location and unique flagship design will consolidate the School's first class reputation and provide opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships between staff and students, as well as facilitating collaborative links between the School and the wider business community.


Each surgery and satellite site was different and site visits and risk assessments needed to be carried out by Universal. The visits enabled Universal engineers to determine existing IT infrastructure as well as the best possible position for the screen to be situated for optimum viewing. Each site was visited and consulted, in order to produce an installations program that would best suit their individual requirement and be at their least busy times. Phase one began in 2009 when 6 solutions were installed, with the majority of the rollout taking place in 2010 and covering a further 18 sites.


Rotherham already had a program in place in QTV (a public service TV station with its own unique brand), a television network that distributes health information to patient waiting areas in GP surgeries and other health facilities. Previously content had been delivered via video tapes and DVD's and the trust wanted to find a more efficient method of delivery.

The Creative Media Service team looked at various methods of communication technology in the market place and invited Universal AV Services in to demonstrate a digital solution to meet their needs. The solution demonstrated was the ONELAN digital signage solution, as Universal believed it would not only meet the needs of NHS Rotherham, but exceed them. NHS Rotherham felt that the ONELAN system would meet their existing needs and allow for future growth. The first phase would be to install ONELAN digital signage solutions and publish content to 18 remote sites from a central location.


qtv nhsWorking with Universal and ONELAN, Rotherham has an effective content delivery system that meets their requirements at both a central and local level. Programs are generated by the CMS team and uploaded overnight across the entire network. Working closely with the client on IT infrastructure enabled Universal to ensure that processing speeds and network issues would not be a problem. The results are a seamless public facing information service that can be updated and refreshed daily if required. Each screen shows News 24, the latest public health information messages (controlled centrally), and a ticker tape for Ad hoc content to be added by individual surgeries. All training has been carried out with Universal to ensure that all users are aware of how the system works and its constraints.

Matthew Anderson, Sales Manager at Universal commented; "The solution we have worked to deliver to Rotherham is innovative and practical, helping to disseminate health information throughout the borough in a timely and cost effective manner." Ken Clayton, CMS Manager commented; "QTV enhances the patient waiting experience and supports our strategy to develop intelligent waiting rooms in Rotherham. QTV has provided a significant increase in the number of patients receiving health information and calls to action." The solution and project won Digital Signage Project of the Year at the AV Awards 2012, a true recognition of the solution and the benefits it has brought to the residents of Rotherham.

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