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Sheffield Hallam University is one of the UK's most progressive and innovative universities. The University prides itself on making a difference to students, staff and to the businesses they work with.

The University offers facilities that are state-of-the-art and have invested heavily in new technology to ensure that their technological capabilities match the cutting-edge approach of the faculties. The University is recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, e-learning and employability.

The Relationship

Sheffield Hallam, although falling into the area for the North Eastern University Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC), opted to have their own framework for the supply of audio visual services to the University.

The relationship between the University and Universal AV was originally created in 2001 and has since gone from strength to strength, with Universal AV working closely with the University to provide innovative audio visual solutions to enhance the teaching and learning experience across the campus.

Projects Undertaken

Universal AV has worked on many of the University's Audio Visual projects over the years with one of the first prestigious projects being Collegiate Campus.

Collegiate Campus

One of the initial large audio visual projects Universal AV carried out for Sheffield Hallam was the main building on Collegiate campus. The building which had roots in the First World War as a hospital, was to be completely refurbished. Universal AV worked with contractors on the project, and successfully delivered audio visual solutions to 14 teaching rooms and 3 large lecture theatres.

Arundel Building

Universal AV carried out a full audio visual refurbishment of the Arundel building in 2008. All teaching rooms over 4 floors had full audio visual installations carried out, including some of the first Promethean interactive systems with integrated projectors, and bespoke lecterns. The open spaces were also utilised throughout the building as open learning spaces. Universal AV installed SMART solutions to allow the students to work collaboratively in informal spaces.

Herbert Wing Lecture Theatre 2012

Universal AV has carried out audio visual installations throughout the Herbert Wing since 2008, including two large back to back lecture theatres. The University was to use the Herbert Wing lecture theatres as either stand alone or integrated. The smaller of the theatres was to be used as overspill, for the larger of the theatres, allowing for larger lectures to take place, and for the students to interact with the lecturer and main lecture theatre. The original project was in 2008, where Universal AV removed existing equipment and installed all new audio visual equipment. In 2012 Universal were asked to upgrade the theatres and installed a 1080P PT-DZ6700 projector projecting onto a 4.5M wide 16:10 painted Goo screen. We also put in new Crestron ASV2 processor and a TPS-4L colour touch panel, a new 4-channel compact Yamaha power amplifier, and a new Polycom Soundstructure C16 two-way audio system to enable the 2-way room link system to operate well. HW2 had a new PT-FX400 projector, new Crestron AV2 processor and TPS-4L, new TK whiteboards, new PA system and a Polycom Soundstructure C8 two-way audio system to make the 2-way audio part of the roomlink system work well.

Owen building

The Void lecture theatre was also recently installed in the basement of the Owen building and was the first High Definition audio visual solution Universal installed for the University for film studies.

Aspect Court

sheffield hallam

The project for Aspect Court saw Universal AV working for the University via a contractor and was completed in 2011. The building was to be refurbished and Universal AV were required to provide suitable audio visual solutions for around 23 teaching rooms over 5 floors.

Universal provided audio visual solutions for 23 teaching rooms, each of which had differing needs. All rooms would require standard lecterns, Crestron control and single projection, however some rooms required dual projection. 2 group meeting rooms were also installed with 55" commercial displays and Crestron Control.

The overall solution for the building was to include digital signage throughout the corridors of the 5 floor building. 2 42" digital signage screens on stands with PC cabinets were installed on each floor to ensure that the University could effectively communicate and message students and visitors.

The work had to be completed over the summer of 2011 and saw Universal AV comply with tight deadlines. Contractors still had possession of the building, so where possible Universal AV worked round contractors, installing audio visual equipment in the rooms as soon as they were signed off by the contractor and the University. Working in this manner ensured that the tight timescales set could be met and the building would be open to students for the coming year.


"The installation was completed on schedule with minimal snagging. Universal installation teams always follow safe working practices and keep the site clean and tidy. Staff are consistently courteous and helpful."

"Universal met tight deadlines without compromising quality and provided additional installation staff to complete the project on time. In addition to this, Universal are particularly good at working, as a team, with both the University staff and the building contractors, and making positive, proactive contributions to meetings with the building contractors."

Liz Wallington, Sheffield Hallam University