Bede Gaming

Universal Provide Bede Gaming with AV Solutions in Office Remodel

Bede Gaming is a leading supplier of software to the online gambling and social gaming industries.

Bede has built a highly flexible, open architecture gambling platform designed to meet the demands of customers who want to offer a single wallet solution that operates seamlessly across all platforms, whether mobile, tablet or online.

The Brief

The company were moving to newer, larger premises in Newcastle to facilitate further growth and needed the new premises to be brought up to a good level of AV Infrastructure.

Planning and Installation

Bede GamingThe building Bede was moving to was being completely remodeled and so it was important to have a close and informed working relationship with all contractors on site. The company wanted AV solutions throughout the building to showcase latest developments and to be used integrally for development on a day to day basis with the main practicality being that screens had to stay on and remain active (not go into sleep mode) during the day.

Universal worked in partnership with Bede to discuss how they needed an AV solution to work as ultimately this would help to identify the equipment needed. Solutions were suggested and in the case of projection were tested and demonstrated, as the projection solution had to project onto a screen that sat in front of a naturally well-lit window.

The solution installed was relatively straight forwards, the client specified the number of screens that would be needed and the positions that they would like them in. Universal flush mounted the screens in recesses that were in purpose built partition walls.

The installation was carried out over the course of two visits to allow for integrating works/cabling with the contractors by a team of engineers from Universal. The solution has provided Bede Gaming with a modern and functional workspace, and has the ability to expand as the company does.


"Universal did a great job providing expertise and great service during our office fit out providing first class screens throughout the office."

Katie-Jane Gordon, Bede Champion at Bede Gaming.