Changing landscape of work and the use of technology Part 2 - The New Normal

It seems like a distant memory since colleagues were able to meet together in the same room, online meetings have become commonplace. With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout well underway, we are all optimistic about a return to ‘normal’ life. Although the new ‘normal’ may be a little different with everyone being in the meeting room at the same time possibly something of the past.

We need to look at new ways of working and this may include being back in the same room, it may be a complete shift away from this with many employees requesting to work from home, or more likely a combination of the two and a Hybrid model, combining the benefits of flexible working, with the benefits of spending time together in the office.

We have spoken before about early adopters of technology and a digital way of working, and how they excelled in the Pandemic, they were ahead of the game and did not lose valuable time transferring to a home office environment.

Others that resisted a more flexible approach, stating that digital transformation was still years away had not planned for a little something called COVD-19 which hit businesses like a wrecking ball making everyone adapt at lightning speed. React at lightening speed they did and they caught up with the world of work still turning whilst many work from home.

Doubters of flexible approaches to working have been proved wrong and against all the odds, working from home was more successful than anyone would have predicted with some reports stating that productivity actually increased.  Although home working was proved to be a success there was little time to think about “the how!” The standardisation of what would be needed. Software and hardware were deployed in order to collaborate immediately and connect to the network and the speed of which this was deployed was fantastic.

With the speed at which the vaccine is being rolled out many companies are turning their attention back to “The how and the what!” will it be like in the near future? What will the new working environment look like and how can we ensure we keep the productivity increases we have seen whilst ensuring the needs of the business, employees and customers are all being met?

We have talked about this for some time at Universal AV, we have attended virtual conferences recently on what others are doing to catch up and the general consensus is a Hybrid approach will be used to meet all those needs.

Shared workspaces and offices are vital for many reasons; social interaction, mental health, innovation.   The need to collaborate has never been greater and many have reported missing the sense of togetherness and creativity on videocall so a return to the office space is needed.

So what will the form of the office and working solutions look like in the not too distant future?

We are working with several companies already on their workspace, not just AV. The space needs both functions. Many are creating more collaboration areas, however just having a table and chairs is not sufficient, they want audio visual integration into these spaces to make them more useable. They also want to be able to adapt them, move them and change at a moments notice.  If you are indeed looking at this, now is the time to look at the IT and audio visual needs within this space to make sure it is suitable to meet your needs.

Universal AV has been fully open for business during the pandemic helping organisations prepare for this more flexible approach. from collaboration pods to video conferencing solutions for meeting rooms.

To put our expertise to the test, contact us, and we will help you return to the office safely and implement the technology needed to turn your meeting space in to a functional, easy to use space that encompasses both in person and video, a true hybrid space, equipping you for the true new way of communicating and working.

We will look at your existing set up, the equipment you are using and, more importantly, how your employees are using or not using the equipment. We can then make recommendations on which technology can be employed to enable your business to achieve your goals.

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