Teaching over the last decade had already seen a change towards more collaborative methods of teaching with students having access to lectures through lecture capture after the event. Some institutions were taking this further with lectures and seminars pre-recorded for students to digest before catching up in the seminar and discussing the subject in more depth.

Universities already adopting a blended learning approach had a head start when it came to Covid-19 striking and could easily put things in place for distance and remote learning. Although not ideal, they were ahead of the curve and could react swiftly.

Measures utilized over the past year are now being reviewed further with many aware that a return to the normal ways of teaching are possibly a thing of the past. Although all concerned want students back in the class room the need for remote learning and hybrid methods of teaching will be taken forward and utilized in the future as a tool for enhanced learning.

Here at Universal AV Services we have already been discussing with several key customers what the new teaching environment will look like? Many are reassessing further how they deliver lessons and how the newly adopted blended learning and hybrid approach will play a part in the future.

We have been talking about and have been implementing this type of technology here at Universal AV for a while now and have the experience and skill set needed to get you up and running/teaching quickly.

Hybrid solutions are taking many forms, there is no one size fits all for this. Solutions being discussed are:

Lecture Capture

Universal AV Services helped The University of Leeds roll out (at the time) the worlds largest lecture capture solution in an institution. We have years of experience in doing so. Take a look at our case study.

We also work with key manufacturers such as Panasonic who have seen Universities and higher education institutions across Europe accelerate their plans for the refinement of digital learning to enhance face to face teaching.

Introducing blended learning: the combination of digital teaching with traditional in-person education. With Panasonic’s professional visual system solutions, the blend between online and real-life education is seamless – and there are huge benefits not only to existing students, but to others who face accessibility challenges when it comes to life on campus. Take a look.

Flipped learning and content creation
Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach where students use their independent study time to complete online learning, before attending face-to-face active learning workshops where they apply what they have learned individually and in groups to work through activities and solve challenging problems.

An ideal solution to have in place with remote learning meaning that students have digested information from the academic before seminars take place to discuss.

MDT Rooms (Multi Discipline Teaching Rooms)
These are taking shape in higher education more and more. Rooms that are multipurpose and can be used for lectures, seminars and recording for hybrid learning solutions.

We have already worked on some of these with Leeds University business school - take a look at our case study.

The approach for these rooms is around listening to customers needs on how they wish to teach and putting in place the most robust, innovative solution to meet those requirements. It is often a combination of all the solutions listed. 

Recording studio’s and booths

Some of our Universities have been using recording studios in order to film in one room whilst immediately live streaming the footage to the teaching rooms so the students can react and interact with the footage, prompting discussion and debate.  

To put our expertise to the test, contact us, and we will help you Turn existing spaces and equipment into more usable hybrid solutions, capturing a new way of teaching and learning for generations to come.

We will look at your existing set up, the equipment you are using and, more importantly, how you wish to teach and communicate with students. We can then make recommendations on which solution best meets your needs.

For more information or a product demonstration please contact your account manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.