There is no denying, those early adopters of a digital way of working have excelled in the Pandemic, they were ahead of the game and did not lose valuable time transferring to a home office environment.

Others that resisted a more flexible approach, stating that digital transformation was still years away had not planned for a little something called COVD-19 which hit businesses like a wrecking ball making everyone adapt at lightning speed.

Everyone could see that this was an unprecedented event.  No one was prepared for this, not even global banks who had elaborate business-continuity plans focused on cyber-attacks and buildings being destroyed but never on completely avoiding all human contact.

The doubters of home working were proved wrong and against all the odds, working from home was more successful than anyone would have predicted with some reports stating that productivity actually increased.

Although home working was proved to be a success there was little time to think about “the how!” The standardisation of what would be needed. Software and hardware were deployed in order to collaborate immediately and connect to the network and the speed of which this was deployed was fantastic.

With a vaccine on the horizon and talk turns to employees returning to the office, we take a look a look at what that new working environment might look like. Has this wrecking ball made us reassess where we are as businesses, and what constitutes an effective use of time? Will home working and virtual meetings continue or become a thing we talk about fondly (do you remember when we met online – bizarre hey?). Or will we see a hybrid way of working develop? “The how!” is now being questioned. What is needed, does it work and how can be rolled out correctly?

You might imagine that as an audio visual integrator we would say you all need to be back in offices, however we firmly believe there is a place for both and the wrecking ball proved people can effectively work from home and not just watch T.V like some thought! You know who you are!! So we need to look at what the new office and working solutions will look like in the future.

Shared workspaces and offices are vital for many reasons; social interaction, mental health, innovation. Some of this has not been the same on a video call. These shared workspaces will possibly look different though and we need to look at the best design possible for people to share a sense of togetherness.

We are already being approached to review existing meeting room technology and how meetings can be managed both in person and on a video call or both with many looking for hybrid solutions for their meeting and training spaces.

A Previous Working Today Compared with a New Working day - Work Life Balance and an Effective Use of Time

We have been discussing these solutions for many years making us ideally placed to help you with your needs. The pandemic has highlighted that working effectively does not necessarily mean a six hour roundtrip for a one hour meeting. It has shown that a video call can achieve the same outcome at a fraction of the cost and time.

To put our expertise to the test, contact us, and we will help you return to the office safely and implement the technology needed to turn your meeting space in to a functional, easy to use space that encompasses both in person and video, a true hybrid space, equipping you for the true new way of working.

We will look at your existing set up, the equipment you are using and, more importantly, how your employees are using or not using the equipment. We can then make recommendations on which technology can be employed to enable your business to achieve your goals.

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