Communication to customers, employees and stakeholders has never been as crucial.

Many companies have employees currently working from home, and for many the normal working day has taken a very different shape. The need for communication has never been as crucial. Meetings, events, training and briefings all still need to happen and Universal AV has been working hard to enable these through the use of streaming technologies. 

Keeping it simple is what we do here at Universal AV so we have 3 solutions that can help you stream live to your intended audience.

Plug and Play

We have devised a simple solution for which you pay a one off fee for which will help you improve your audio and video quality. We will send you everything you need including microphone, camera, switcher and instructions to get you up and running and streaming to live audiences in no time.


Sometimes it needs to be a little more complicated. The room needs setting, screens need installing, more camera angles are needed and therefore we would need to visit site to ascertain your needs to devise a solution for you. The solution will still be simple to use and our expert teams would provide full training so you once installed you are good to go.

And Finally......

Full Broadcast Solutions from Universal Live

Universal Live have adapted existing space at their Manchester branch and warehouse to create a dedicated live broadcast studio, which is adaptable and ready to meet all the needs of a straight forward webcast, through to a high-end virtual broadcast.

The Gallery

Whether the presentation takes place from home or an office, Universal Live can provide the link to a remote audience. The crew, based in the Manchester Gallery, will handle all incoming presenter video and audio feeds to create a seamless conference experience. The Gallery mix the incoming live images with your slide and video content, to ensure your audience feel informed and engaged.

The Studio

Bringing presenters into an environment where they can safely communicate and engage with an online audience. The Manchester studio is designed around a curved LED wall, giving their clients a setting where they can reach their audience without losing the impact of branding, key messages and custom moving content. Lighting rigs, together with microphone and audio packages ensure that the emphasis remains on capturing a live experience for the remote viewers. Their dedicated technicians are on-hand to handle all aspects of content, vision mixing, lighting and sound.

For more information or a product demonstration please contact your account manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.