As disruption to the Working World Starts to Ease - Here at Universal AV Services, we ask you, "Are Your Meeting Rooms Virtual Meeting Ready”?

When lock down began and we all moved to the home office, many companies addressed the need to be able to carry out online meetings. Many of the solutions employed have been home solutions and designed as a temporary fix. As online meetings look set to continue and more people return to the workplace; now is the perfect time to review these remote solutions and the existing meeting room infrastructure.

At Universal AV we have been discussing the benefits of meeting in this manner for years.

We understood it, many did not and it has taken something such as the Pandemic to highlight that working hard does not have to be driving a 6-hour round trip for a 1-hour meeting. It has shown a video call can achieve the same outcome at a fraction of the costs and time.


As the current situation shows no sign of life simply returning to normal, companies are accepting that a blended way of working and meeting are here to stay.

How Can You Adapt and Enhance Existing Technology to Facilitate Virtual/Blended Working?

Early adopters of blended working are already ahead of the game. They already have an infrastructure set up. This takes the form of working from home infrastructures/ virtual meetings as well as office based working and face to face meetings.

For those not already on board with this there will be questions, such as, "How do I turn what is effectively a monitor on the wall into a virtual meeting solutions?"

 "How do we manage these meeting spaces effectively?"

The good news is - We have been talking about and implementing this type of technology here at Universal AV for a long time. We have the experience and skill set needed to get you up and running quickly.

The Blended Solution will take many forms, there is no one size fits all for this but some such solutions might include:

  • Existing Technology Check and Enhancement
  • Adaptation of Meeting Rooms to become Virtual Meeting Spaces
  • Contactless Meeting Room Solutions
  • Digital Signage Solutions.

Contact us and allow our expert staff to help select the right solution for your business. 

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