The world is a very different place today as we face many challenges ahead. It seems a world away now when we held our Technology Event on 5th March at The Queen’s Hotel in Leeds. Amidst all this chaos, we wanted to remind all of our valued customers that business will carry on and that Universal AV Services Ltd are working hard to provide you all with the latest in AV technology. With this in mind we thought we would remind you of some of the highlights of the event..

Clevertouch have been a long standing partner of Universal AV for many years and we have delivered numerous successful projects with them across the education and corporate sector. At our Technology Event, Matthew Stoddard and Karl Robinson were on hand to demonstrate the latest solutions from this industry leading brand. Clevertouch have recently updated their entire platform and now are able to offer our customers a complete solution built around the Enterprise Ecosystem. This provides a unique user experience centred around the collaborative workplace. Encompassing a range of products to provide an all-in-one solution the Enterprise Ecosystem is a powerful yet highly intuitive set of tools for any modern, forward thinking organisation.

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·       Digital signage and wayfinding are a great way to make the first impression last. From the moment your customers or students enter the building, digital signage & wayfinding provided by Sedao allows you to communicate directly and quickly using a combination of modern media such as video, RSS and web.

·       With meeting and teaching space at a premium a Room Booking system allows any organisation to effectively manage their estate whilst enabling the efficient running of integrated organisation-wide digital communications across all three platforms - interactive display, digital signage and rom booking.

·       Meeting Room Interactive Displays form the key to any successful modern meeting. Let the ideas flow without interruptions. Meet in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or have colleagues call in remotely to share your screen. No wires, no waiting, no fuss. Share content from any device, on any platform, and use all the programs, software and apps that your business relies on. Increase productivity and make your meetings more fluid. Available from 55” to 86” the new UX Pro is at the forefront of interactive design technology.

·       Unified Communications allows for the sharing of projects with others and mark-up in real-time. Invite collaborators to join your meeting via video link with STAGE a web based platform allowing anyone anywhere to join and collaborate.

·       Remote Management enables IT departments & administrators to take control of their AV and building estate without needing to leave the office with over the air updates, group tagging and Live status information.

Exertis are one of the world’s largest AV distributors and have been a staple at our Technology event for many years. Rowan Brunger brought a selection of innovative products from some of the leading technology manufacturers, which when combined provide an innovative solution to any meeting room or workspace. The ScreenBeam 960 enterprise-grade wireless display receiver gives presenters and educators mobility to present from anywhere in the room, and even interact with content on a device screen from a front-of-room touchscreen via touchback. Designed for large businesses and campuses which need wireless display connectivity to increase real-time interaction, collaboration and productivity in meeting spaces and classrooms. It also supports the rich capabilities of Windows Ink native in Windows programs.

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The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub is an all-in-one meeting room device which is easy to deploy and even easier to use. It’s also scalable across room sizes and is available pre-configured for both Microsoft Teams (including Skype for Business) and Zoom Rooms.

In combination these two products provide a perfect solution for the modern workspace.

were once again in attendance at our annual event, displaying their newly revamped range of interactive touch screen displays. Centred around the Riva and Canvass interactive displays, CTouch now provide BRIX; a modular platform where you can pick and choose the features you use.

·       Essentials – when all you need is touch, this pack provides display sharing, whiteboarding and email sharing.

·       Pro – when you need a little more, this pack provides display sharing, whiteboarding, sticky notes, email sharing, room booking, web browsing and certified Barco ClickShare integration

·       For Teams – when you need even more collaboration, this module provides all of the above plus a seamless Microsoft Teams experience including file sharing and video conferencing

·       For Zoom – if your organisation uses Zoom, then this pack provides all of the Pro features and, yes you’ve guessed it, a seamless integration with Zoom Video Communications. With simultaneous screen sharing, HD video conferencing and instant or scheduled meetings.

BRIX allows you to pay only for what you need and as your organisation grows then so can your interactive collaboration estate. Just upgrade your BRIX as you upgrade your needs.

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Dalen Top-Tec brought a plethora of AV furniture to the Technology Event. Working in collaboration with Clevertouch and Panasonic, the innovative products that Dalen manufacture in the UK are essential to the delivery of any AV project. Amongst the products on show was the SYNERGY a collaborative desks range, designed to provide users with a dynamic and interactive solution. The collaborative desks are fully AV and IT integrated and meet the high standard expected from educational furniture today.

The SYNERGY range, of collaborative desks, offers distinct table shapes all designed to fit specific user requirements. They range from a two-person huddle space to a 20-seat classroom. The variety of shapes available allow for flexible working, as well as higher levels of engagement.

The SYNERGY collaborative desks range offers a height adjustable model which can be adjusted to suit users with special height requirements. It is also perfect for those that simply would like the option to present to the group, from the HA area of the table.

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FOCUS POD was designed to adapt and enhance the ever-changing workspace. The unit on display was the FOCUS POD which was configured into a collaborative pod with the addition of soft furniture. These meeting pods help limit external office noise, encouraging collaboration between users by creating enclosed meeting spaces with effective acoustics.

This unit has been designed with a collaboration table fixed to the sleek media unit which features a recessed screen. Equipped with cutting edge technology, FOCUS POD allows people to collaborate, develop and share work seamlessly.

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In addition, Dalen proudly had on display the LIGHTBOARD, an ingenious product which allows the user to write on one side of the glass and it appear the correct way round on the other side of the glass.

For a full description and details of how the University of Leeds are using the LIGHTBOARD please take a look at our latest case study on our website.

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Avocor have a wide range of collaborative and interactive products to suite any environment. They have collaborated with some of the leading providers of collaboration and remote working products such as Microsoft, Zoom Lenovo, Intel, Logitech and Crestron to provide the perfect integrated solution. David Bristol, Business Development Manager for Avocor, attended the event with the WCD series screen. The Windows collaboration displays are designed to enhance and accelerate teamwork, increasing productivity and enabling collaborative meeting rooms. Fully compatible with Windows 10, the displays deliver the power and productivity of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams at room-scale and are created in partnership with Microsoft, famous for introducing the Surface Hub. The displays include integrated AV and include a premium conference camera, stereo speakers, far-field microphone array for powerful video collaboration. With a fine-tipped stylus and eraser, the Avocor WCD connects easily to any Windows 10 device via a single, USB-C cable, transmitting 4K video, touch, USB control, internet and power for fast, frustration-free use. Users will also enjoy smart switching making multi-collaboration fast and simple.

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With many of our customers having already adopted or moving towards Microsoft Teams, the Avocor stand attracted lots of attention. For those, using other collaboration platforms, such as Zoom, Avocor have a solution for that too. Avocor and Logitech have joined forces to bring you the ALZ series - six simple-to-use, yet incredibly powerful Zoom Room for Touch solutions to bring interactive whiteboarding, video and content sharing at room scale to Zoom meetings in focus rooms, executive offices, huddle rooms and meeting spaces. The ALZ series integrates feature-rich, high-performing technology brought together to optimise collaboration. By combining Avocor interactive displays, the popular Logitech MeetUp, the Zoom-ready Avocor Open Pluggable Solution (OPS) Intel i7 PC, custom mounting and custom cabling solution, the Avocor ALZ series are best-in-industry solutions for organisations deploying Zoom for communication and collaboration in every place that meetings happen.

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The Avocor ALZ series, comprised of three display sizes available in two performance options, delivers completely frictionless communication that connects teams all over the world and enables them to get more done.

AVPlates brought a wide range of items to the Technology Event. From wall plates and floor plates to bespoke rack panels, a wide range of connectivity solutions were on display. Universal AV have worked in partnership with AVPlates for many years now and have developed a strong working relationship, promoting their products and services to our customer base.

Their online AV Plate Designer allows the user to design bespoke wall plates; choose the size, colour and required connections, add the labelling, logo and any pertinent contact information and then purchase direct from Universal AV.

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Perhaps their most innovative and simplest product on display was ClipiT. A simple yet ingenious design to secure cables connected to wall plates. This can be easily retrofitted to any single or twin gang faceplate and can save a fortune in the cost of replacement cables and the cost of time taken to replace the cables. For further details please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The biggest issues encountered with floorboxes is the ability to shut the lid of the floorboxes whilst in use. Floorplates manufactured by AVPlates have been designed, tested and proven to be a practical solution for all floor box terminations. Specially angled panels allow, connections to be fixed at pre-determined angles ensuring a secure and solid connection, allowing for the use of a full range of connectors, and designs to fit most floorboxes.

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Standard rack panels can be provided, fully populated, fully labelled, with or without logos and other contact details. Custom layouts as per usage needs can be designed to suit.

The AVPlates design team, have vast experience in providing innovative solutions. Often looking at previously designed products which inspire them to suggest ideas that will help the customer and ultimately the end user. Whether it is bespoke panels to fit into existing furniture, or stand-alone containment, they work closely with Universal AV, listening to our customers’ needs and ideas, to find the most productive solution.

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For more information or a product demonstration please contact your account manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.