Is the buzzword that’s reshaping the very idea of what a workplace should and could be. We have talked for several years now about the workplace being a state of mind, not simply an office where you go to work. It’s a space that facilitates collaboration, unlocks creativity and most importantly from a business point of view, increases productivity.

As a result, the expectations and pressures on workplace managers have grown considerably. The needs and wants of individual groups are ever changing.

How are all of these expectations met?

Universal AV have been helping with Transformation for decades, making it simple for you and surpassing your expectations through the use of audio visual technology.

Pushing the boundaries of AV and what can be achieved is in the companies DNA before we can talk about what is available though, let’s look at what you already have.

First Let’s Take a Look at Your Workplace?

Before we talk about what could be used to Transform the workplace, let’s address what is currently in your workplace.

Do you have one of these?

We have all used a flip chart or whiteboard, they are great for brainstorming, bullet pointing and documenting but what do you do with the information afterwards? Do you take a picture and send the information to yourself? Do you ever use it? Do you just roll up the piece of paper and store it somewhere until you decide to have a desk tidy up? I can tell you are smirking as you probably do one or two of these.

What if we said it could be easier – you could still write in the same way and have it sent direct to your email, or be seen by various other devices in the room. Would you want to know how?

Do you have a screen on the wall that you need a masters for understanding how it works? Do you always need to contact someone to get what is on your laptop to the screen? Do you just give up and think “what is the point”?

Again what if we said it could be easier – you could connect to the screen at a single touch of a button. Would you want the hassle free solutions to save you time?

We could talk about every solution on offer here, confuse the situation with the jargon words that are so commonly used in the industry. Or we could just talk about a simple solution and invite you to contact us to talk about what you need from your meeting room/meeting space and work out the simplest to use, most cost effective solution for now.

Brainstorming the Most Effective Way (I like to call it Doodling)

So remember that whiteboard/flip chart we talked about earlier?

Universal AV partner with the leading brands for interactive products. The simplest form of solution is simply writing on a coated desk in dry marker using a special set of pens. You can get more complicated but lets start simple....

We have already installed this solution in many a meeting room, and demonstrated it very recently at an event.

Working with our partners we used a Dalen Synergy table with writable surface with a mounted clevertouch screen, the Smart markers were used to doodle/brainstorm on the table and people watched as the text appeared on screen and was sent to mobile devices.

One delegate even commented "Is it a magic table”? They were simply amazed at the simplicity and could not understand why they had not been working in that manner. Once seen and understood people could easily see how a meeting room and brainstorming session could be Transformed.

Watch the video to see how simple it can be.

No More taking pictures!

For some the above is all that is needed, and this is where it is incredibly important to listen to what is needed as an integrator. Sometimes simple really is best.

We hope throughout the blog's we have given you food for thought when it comes to choosing a solution and more importantly an integrator.

It is vital when choosing an integrator that you pick wisely, pick one that understand the stresses and strains of a modern workplace and has a proven track record in working at the highest level to deliver innovation. Universal AV has done this for nearly 30 years. We work with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry to deliver solutions to meet customers needs.

For information on how we can help on your projects you can contact us on:

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