Competition is Fierce

Competition amongst colleges and Universities is fierce. Standards are ever increasing and with each institution striving for the best how do they make themselves stand apart from the rest when it comes to attracting students?

One area for consideration in this is the importance of well integrated audio visual solutions. Gone are the days of just having it in the room being enough it needs to be used correctly to ensure full audience participation and engagement. Students expect the best, and in order to attract them, the education sector is stepping up its game.

How Universal AV Is Helping

Universal AV has been integrating complex audio visual solutions into the Education markets for over quarter of a century working in partnership with institutions to ensure optimum student engagement.

Pushing the boundaries of AV and what can be achieved is in the companies DNA. Educating the educators as to what is on offer is something Universal AV do on a regular basis and 2019 was no exception.  Universal AV Service partner with many of the Audio Visual Industries leading manufactures to bring a the latest technology and knowledge and customers on a regular basis. When it comes to Education the popular Consumer names of Sony and Panasonic are at the top of list when we discuss Projection and Screens and it is not hard to see why.

Technology You Should be Considering

If interactivity, collaboration and active learning is for you then Sony have an offering for you.

The Sony Offering

Vision Exchange

The dynamic, collaborative Active Learning Solution

Vision Exchange is the uniquely powerful and intuitive active learning solution that brings together students, lecturers and presenters. Ideal for knowledge sharing and brainstorming ideas, this immersive environment boosts audience engagement by directly involving everyone in the learning process. Cost-effective, flexible and easy to configure, Vision Exchange is ideal for universities and colleges.

This dynamic solutions allows you to:

  • Easily share knowledge and ideas
  • Collaboration with any device
  • Annotation and whiteboard tools
  • Lecture capture and recording ready
  • Active learning (optional license)
  • Streaming output (optional license)
  • Scalable and cost effective

Vision Exchange provides a dynamic and flexible solution to suit any teaching space. It’s easy and cost effective to expand Vision Exchange by adding further active workgroup ‘pods’

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Edge Analytics Appliance

Adding more intelligence to every presentation

Advanced built-in AI-based video technology analyses the input it receives from connected cameras. The result of this analysis is applied in combination with camera feeds and other image sources to create high-quality video content that can be displayed live or recorded. Acting as the smart hub of a connected AV setup, the compact and light-weight REA-C1000 allows educational institutes to automatically generate compelling video content in real time – without the expense and complexity of dedicated production teams and specialised additional equipment. The REA-C1000 offers a range of powerful presentation features that are available via optional licenses:

Handwriting extraction & presenter overlay

The REA-C1000 intelligently extracts handwritten text and diagrams from black and white boards. This can be displayed as a real-time overlay that ‘floats’ in front of the presenter, allowing audiences to clearly see written content with enhanced colour and contrast as well as gestures and expressions of the presenter.


From classrooms to lecture halls and auditoriums, Sony projectors deliver outstanding quality, reliability and energy-efficiency in every kind of venue.

Key Benefits are:

  • Powerful, WUXGA & WXGA resolution images
  • Models range from 4,000 to 12,000 colour and white light output
  • Easy, flexible installation
  • Energy-saving features


These high-brightness 3LCD laser projectors offer stunning image quality with excellent reliability. Ideal for auditoriums, lecture theatres, halls and larger venues, they’re also great for teaching in brightly-lit classrooms. Grab their attention – and keep it. The projectors’ very high light output (12,000 lumens VPL-FHZ120L, 9,000 lumens VPL-FHZ90L) ensures presentations with extra presence.

Sony truly have demonstrated to Universal AV and Customers alike their ability to cope with any education scenario with a solution for all types of room and teaching method.

Panasonic Talk Lecture Capture 

Universal AV and Panasonic have held a working relationship for over quarter of a century, often leading the way in educating institutions in the types of solutions available.

Panasonic need no introduction when it comes to screens and projection. They have been leading the way for so long and have a reputation that has stood the test of time so when it came to showcasing their new camera technology everyone was interested in what they had to say. 

Watch, Listen, Remember. Panasonic's lecture capture solution improves the learning experience

Capturing and sharing lectures online is quickly becoming the future of higher education. Not only allowing students to get more out of the learning experience but also enabling Universities to reach larger audiences.

Lecture capture technology allows institutions to record classroom or lecture hall presentations and post digital versions online to live stream or download.

Panasonic lecture capture over IP is a cable-free and integrated solutions which includes video capture, 4K projections, interactive whiteboard and online publishing (through external software such as Panopto).

Student benefits of lecture capture include:

  • Understanding more
  • Allows you to learn at your own pace
  • Learn anytime and anywhere

University Benefits Include:

  • More memorable content
  • Allows usage statistics to be tracked
  • Share best practice
  • Generate revenues

To find out more and how the solution is put together take a look.