Traditional meeting rooms and space is a luxury of the past, office space now retails at such a premium, companies are changing the manner in which they work.

The modern office now has increased levels of remote workers/hot desking and a reduction in formal meeting spaces. In order to effectively use the space they have, more and more companies are turning to Universal AV to help enhance their meeting space and open area's through the use of audio visual and innovative furniture solutions.

In the modern office, meeting spaces are taking on several forms, some a little more unconventional but working effectively where informal gatherings are needed.  Not only are open plan spaces becoming more prevalent, more millenials are joining the workforce and have a completely different experience of working, established through the active learning spaces at University. Universities have really embraced collaborative learning and working spaces therefore millenials expect to find similar environments at their place of work.

Ok, so maybe the swings are a step too far for most offices at the moment.....

Workplaces, however, are generally seeing a reduction in large meeting rooms and an increase in medium to small meeting rooms that are multi-purpose. Businesses are also encouraging shortened meetings (Some have even gone as far as imposing a time limit) so that time at work can be spent more effectively.

Universal AV Services work with a number of partners in order to facilitate every type of meeting room/space scenario.

The following are examples of the types of spaces we are seeing and how technology can fit.

We have now worked with Dalen Design Concepts for many years and know the furniture they produce is second to none, and fits beautifully in the arena it has been designed for. Previous projects and areas of research have indicated that one of the best ways to maximise your existing space is to incest in active furniture and create huddle spaces with suitable integrated audio visual solutions.

Huddle spaces are generally drop-in and are not bookable. They are primarily for short meetings and therefore frequently become available. The best type of huddle spaces are equipped with technology which allows for collaboration, conferencing and connectivity. It is a space where you don't have to be a technology expert in order to use it properly, it contains active furniture which can integrate technology that is effective and fit for purpose.

The Synergy collaborative table range is Active Furniture and can be used for multiple activities, such as videoconferencing, presenting, working remotely or working collaboratively. Synergy can be modular, mobile or static with integrated equipment allowing for connectivity, which enables the user to work at any station, reducing the requirement for individual desks for each worker.

There are many benefits to using the Synergy tables as it provides everyone with effective, flexible and productive work spaces, integrating technology to allow smarter working whilst having positive ergonomic implications. The range is further enhanced by having a standing height table, increasing productivity and proven to reduce time spent in meetings.

The next element that needs to be considered with rooms and spaces are the acoustics and we know just the company to talk about that.

Sound proofing informal spaces or meeting rooms is vital. When produced sound interacts with many surfaces and each reflection can change the sound and as a result have a negative effect on how the listener hears the sound when it reaches them.

When considering audio needs in the room the level of hard surfaces should always be considered. Hard floors, hard seating, no curtains, glass walls, can all create uncomfortable audio reverberation. To ensure the best sound quality for your space as part of your refurbishment you need to consider the best acoustic solution.

All TK-Team acoustic panels meet Sound Absorption Test results according to EN ISO354 and meets ISO Class A 90>100%, ISO 11654 +M1 and can reduce sound reverberation by up to 50%.

Further options for more informal spaces could be the HushPod Range.


The TK-Team HushPod range is suitable for any informal space where reverberation and echo issues create an unpleasant or impractical noise level. With their Class A (EN ISO354) acoustic properties that soak up unwanted background noise and keep conversations inside private, the HushPods are perfect to create a peaceful inclusive environment for collaboration.

HushPods are available in two variants a 1-4 or 1-6 persons in a work space combining the latest comfort seating standards with two opposing walls and the ceiling lined with TK-Teams acoustic control panels that soak up unwanted background noise and keep conversations inside private.

*The rear of the pod is TK-Team Write Screen dry erase surface.
*Audio visual friendly and AV equipment can be installed with consultation from Universal AV Services.
*The seating, table and integral power outlet and LED lighting are all standard.
*HushPods are freestanding, and can be standalone or modular.
*Acoustic control panels printed to customer specification.

For more information on the Modern Meeting Room and how Universal AV can integrate bespoke innovative furniture and audio visual solutions befitting of your environment contact us now.

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