Interactivity/Collaboration within the workplace/meeting room is used as a term so often, it is assumed that everyone understands what this is and how it effects them.

We often get asked at Universal AV
*What is collaboration/interactivity?
*How can it be best adapted to work for them?
*What benefits does it bring them?

The answer is quite simple. Collaboration/Interactivity in a room is simply how you choose to work in a room.

Collaboration could be any of the following:
*As simple as a screen on a wall in a meeting room
*In a classroom/teaching/seminar space
*An electronic version of a dry wipe white board allowing notes to be taken and transferred electronically whilst in the meeting
*An Interactive Display/Projector allowing a further depth of interactive collaboration
*A full suite with video conferencing and screen sharing, allowing your meeting to take place in various locations whilst collaborating on documents being shared.

Universal AV Services has worked with many of the worlds leading manufacturers for over quarter of a century and advises clients on the most suitable interactive products to meet their needs at the most suitable budget.

Create, Collaborate, Inspire

With the Touch Screen Manufacturer of the Year.

Clevertouch are already synonymous in the education market and are taking this technology into the workplace environment.

The Pro Series is an Easy to Use, Interactive Touch Screen that is designed for meeting rooms, auditoriums, reception areas or breakout spaces to create, collaborate and inspire.

Pro Series gives you the freedom to walk into any workspace environment and simply connect any device to your Clevertouch Screen. With standardisation a priority for today's business, it is essential to give employees, customers and guests the ability to collaborate as if they were in the same room using their own device.

For more information on:
Why You Should Choose CleverTouch - Click Here and Why a Pro Series in Enterprise - Click Here

NEC InfinityBoard
Your All In One Solution For Your Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are evolving into multi-space usage spaces. The NEC InfinityBoard is designed to fit every meeting scenario, whilst perfectly
fulfilling your needs for a powerful and scalable workspace.

Presenting, brainstorming, reviewing, video conferencing or collaborating? Whatever the objective of your meeting the InfinityBoard presents a perfect fit and helps achieve your desired meeting space.

For more information on this range click here.

LFE9 and EF1 Range Now Available as Interactive Display Solutions - IR Range

10-points multi-touch ensures ease of use and quicker operation. Panasonic Whiteboard Software offers a wide array of functions such as powerpoint presentation mode, video and screen capture. Ideal for use in meeting rooms, classrooms and seminar rooms.

Samsung E-Boards

Samsung E-Boards are all in one interactive white boards that enable you to deliver a truly engaging experience. They are quick and easy to set up and versatile by design.

Take a look at the interactive product range from Samsung here and talk with Universal on which is most suitable for you.

For more information on Interactivity/Collaboration Projection and to discuss how it could be used in your environment contact Universal AV Services.

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