After a rather fabulous lunch and networking session the afternoon presentations commenced.... Up First were Extron


Stephen talked about the new product range Extron has launched detailing extensively the HC 403, an easy-to-use AV system solution for collaboration spaces. It consists of a decorator-style wallplate switching transmitter and a matching scaling receiver that extend video, audio, and power up to 230 feet (70 meters) over a single CATx cable. The HC 403 features one HDMI and one VGA input at the transmitter, and one HDMI input at the receiver. Advanced Extron scaling technology ensures excellent image quality with maximum detail and color accuracy. Built-in control capabilities facilitate automatic source switching, display control, and integration with occupancy sensors for an intuitive and effortless end-user experience. Designed for professional integration, the HC 403 transmitter and receiver enclosures are ideal for discreet placement in walls and lecterns, beneath tables, or wherever needed to meet application requirements.

Kramer were delighted with the show at ISE and have continued with their theme of AV Beyond the Box. David Schofield mentioned that 50 new products were launched at ISE, and highlighted several of the key ones he believed stood out.

Kramer Via is still key winning a prestigious AV News Award at the show and suitable for many collaboration room projects.

Kramer announced a new modular system where the modules can be configured as either inputs or outputs. 

Thus if there you had 8 hdmi modules this could be configured as: a  4 x 4 Matrix, a 5 x 3 Matrix or a 6 x 2 Matrix or any other combination. Furthermore it could be configured as a 7 to 1 switcher, a 1 to 7 switcher or 2 x 1 to 3 switchers or a 1 to 3 switcher and a 3 to 1 switcher. There are a large number of permutations available and the system is extremely flexible.


An installation has 4 inputs and 4 outputs and the customer requires any source to be routed to any display, this requires a 4 x 4 matrix. If the customer then decides that one source is not used but wishes to add another display then the system can be reconfigured as a 3 x 5 matrix. Without the flexibility the customer would have to purchase a new matrix.

Midwich joined forces with Samsung to discuss the full range on offer and cover the impressive Samsung LED solution.

Jerome Slater took Universal through all things Samsung, the newly launched and exciting FLIP, converting the original flipchart to a simple to use electronic version.

The Ultrafine LED wall, at .08mm. With a full indoor and outdoor range, with a range of pixels to match Samsung are a force to be reckoned with. The proposition is now also coming with Samsung leasing options to make the purchase more cost effective for customers.

The full LFD range was discussed, videowall panels and QLED, with outdoor signage, interactive screens and remote management software all your assets can be managed simply, they provide a solution for everyone and everything, with a Brand Name to match.

The day was nearing an end now with three key presentations left.

Andrea Trimmer from TK Team spoke passionately about the service and products they are able to offer which not only adds value to the installation it completes an installation, aesthetically and acoustically.

AV is still not enough solution led, and not all elements of the room are taken into consideration at the first port of call. AV is now 40% about furniture, not just about the technology behind it. Corridors are used more widely for meeting space, but unless acoustic panels are used and pods for working in, meeting does not work, there has to be element of usability of the kit not just the space.

Working with TK, we created a better sounding meeting room in our Newcastle Office – See Case Study we are already working on many of our customer sites on how to enhance the space through the use of products by TK Team.

Rowan Brunger from Medium Exertis had a different approach to his presentation, and it was a welcome change. We looked at how in order to use a room/collaborate and work electronically in the data needs to have been collected and entered in the first instance. How we are moving forwards, 2D models in construction sector, through to 3D, BIM, Laser Mapping to the world we are now seeing with virtual reality. It is all there and filtering down into education and working world. Some classrooms are even using virtual reality in order to provide students with a better understanding of the subject.

We had a whistle-stop tour of ISE, and the technology he believed was to be watched before looking at the CTouch solution and roadmap. With the new To Meet Solution we looked at the various screens and benefits of each for each sector. The new NOVA was discussed as the flagship education product, which we are excited to see at our next meeting.

Finally Sony had the last slot of the day. Jason Huggins took the team on a tour of ISE and a building all utilising the Sony products and device management software. It truly was impressive. The TEOS Manage solutions provides a simple platform allowing you total control over meeting rooms, devices, content, location and timing. TEOS Manage software offers a complete display device and room management solution for corporate ad education environments that's powerful, flexible and easy to use. Room booking solutions are intuitive to use, NFC cards allows you to swipe and have access to all your information in that room.

The new projection line up was detailed as well as the Bravia Displays which boast a 3 year swap out warranty. Vision Exchange a product Universal is already heavily involved with was discussed and the UBICast lecture capture solution. The Sony range is looking impressive.

The rest of the suppliers were all invited back into the room, where Mark Atkinson, Sales Manager for Universal detailed the company plans and vision for the year and how we hope to work closer with key suppliers to deliver successful, innovative projects.

Universal will be working more closely with suppliers on a detailed marketing plan and campaigns will be starting in March – watch this space for all we have to offer.

Communication keeps coming up for at the Universal AV Supplier Events, with timescales being pressured because communication/late ordering of good by end users placing a huge amount of strain on installation. Universal, key suppliers and customers will be looking at further measures that can be put in place to stop this. Building contractors over running place pressure on installation to still be completed on time in unrealistic timescales is an issue integrators and suppliers are facing. We all continue to work hard to resolve these issues, and in many an instance early communication from all parties could help this no end.

Everyone checked into the hotel at this point, had a quick change and were back down for dinner.

One of the most important features of this event is the networking on an evening, building important relationships. This is always done with the help of a little team work, and this year it took the form of Family MisFortunes. Having watched this on TV I thought this would be an easy one, but when you are stood with that buzzer or you are thinking of what the top 100 thinks it is really quite difficult…. The winning team was Mark Atkinson and they accepted the title very graciously…..

Another successful event and we are all looking forward to the next one. For more information on how we can put this knowledge to use on your projects, do not hesitate to contact us.