Teaching over the last decade had already seen a change towards more collaborative methods of teaching with students having access to lectures through lecture capture after the event. Some institutions were taking this further with lectures and seminars pre-recorded for students to digest before catching up in the seminar and discussing the subject in more depth.

There is no denying, those early adopters of a digital way of working have excelled in the Pandemic, they were ahead of the game and did not lose valuable time transferring to a home office environment.

Working life during the last 6 months has seen a massive step change. A simple 5 minute conversation across the office has had to turn into either a telephone call or online meeting. The discussion around how effective this is can be saved for another time. What cannot be saved however is talking about how effective meetings are.

The need for effective meetings has never been more important. Many employees before lockdown would say they were involved in too many meetings and that few or little were effective in achieving any real results.

As disruption to the Working World Starts to Ease - Here at Universal AV Services, we ask you, "Are Your Meeting Rooms Virtual Meeting Ready”?

Communication to customers, employees and stakeholders has never been as crucial.