On Tuesday evening Universal AV hosts their annual dinner event at the Double Tree Hilton. A small and intimate affair, we were supported by our key partners Panasonic, Dalen Top and Sahara. We were joined by clients from the universities of Leeds, Derby, Teesside, Sheffield and Northumbria. As usual, the evening kicked off in the Sky Bar at the Hilton, where we were given the choice of cocktails wines and beer. Everyone got on very well and recounted their experiences of the first day at ISE.

I have been in this industry since 1997 and I think I have been to ISE at least ten times; twice as an exhibitor and every other as an attendee. Every year ISE has grown and managed to produce a little bit of magic that gets the AV blood pumping; this year had been no exception and it’s all down to root vegetables.

Traditional meeting rooms and space is a luxury of the past, office space now retails at such a premium, companies are changing the manner in which they work.

Interactivity/Collaboration within the workplace/meeting room is used as a term so often, it is assumed that everyone understands what this is and how it effects them.

The projection industry is as vibrant as ever, a recent trip to ISE demonstrated the commitment to Projection from Manufactures and the scale of what is achievable is really quite breathtaking.