Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from the moment we wake to the minute we go to bed, we have everything at our finger tips, whether that be through our phones, tablets, laptops or in our cars, we are connected. The effect is far reaching, and never more evident that when you see a toddler confidently playing with a devise and swiping across screens and navigating structures to get to what they want. This has also moved into the classrooms and the benefits are far reaching.

Third day at ISE and the legs are beginning to tire. After two late nights (and early mornings) networking with clients the idea of another day at the busiest AV event in the world is perhaps not the most appealing. Whilst eating my breakfast and enjoying a herbal tea (well you have to make an effort when you are in these exotic foreign climes) I wondered what #ISE2017 would have to offer this weary AV traveller. 

Second day at #ISE2017 was by far the busiest yet. We had a tough schedule and had a lot to visit and see. 

First day at ISE2017 and it is as big, bright and as bold as ever. Due to a few problems checking in to our hotel (lose brownie points Marketing Dept) we eventually got to the RAI at 4pm local time. As a result we were already behind schedule and had to skip a few prearranged appointments (apologies we will try and get over to see you). We made our way to Hall 8, the home of digital signage and after a browse at what was on offer, made our way to the Onelan stand where we had an appointment to see the boys there.