Traditional meeting rooms and space is a luxury of the past, office space now retails at such a premium, companies are changing the manner in which they work.

Interactivity/Collaboration within the workplace/meeting room is used as a term so often, it is assumed that everyone understands what this is and how it effects them.

The projection industry is as vibrant as ever, a recent trip to ISE demonstrated the commitment to Projection from Manufactures and the scale of what is achievable is really quite breathtaking.

After a rather fabulous lunch and networking session the afternoon presentations commenced.... Up First were Extron

The Universal AV Sales and Supplier Event took shape in 2016, has gone from strength to strength and is fast becoming quite the talked about Integrator event in the Industry.

The event is unique, key partners and suppliers come together to discuss roadmaps and product with the Universal Sales and Project Management Teams, before a joint session takes place with all suppliers and Universal members looking at the industry as a whole and where common problems are whilst trying to provide solutions. The evening provides further networking opportunities for all, with team building thrown in for good measure, and where you have sales people you see fierce competition and this year was no exception with a closely fought game of family fortunes.