The 26th April 2020 should have been a day of celebration for Universal AV, as it was officially our 30th Birthday. 

Technology Event Round Up Part 2.

The world is a very different place today as we face many challenges ahead. It seems a world away now when we held our Technology Event on 5th March at The Queen’s Hotel in Leeds. Amidst all this chaos, we wanted to remind all of our valued customers that business will carry on and that Universal AV Services Ltd are working hard to provide you all with the latest in AV technology. With this in mind we thought we would remind you of some of the highlights of the event..

All three were on the menu in abundance at the Universal AV Services Technology Event run at the Queens Hotel, Leeds on the 5th March.

Competition is Fierce

Competition amongst colleges and Universities is fierce. Standards are ever increasing and with each institution striving for the best how do they make themselves stand apart from the rest when it comes to attracting students?

One area for consideration in this is the importance of well integrated audio visual solutions. Gone are the days of just having it in the room being enough it needs to be used correctly to ensure full audience participation and engagement. Students expect the best, and in order to attract them, the education sector is stepping up its game.

We have already discussed Projection and Display, lets look at the too often overlooked Furniture and interactivity.