When looking to choose an audio visual supplier it can be confusing and when many only compare on price, how can you be sure you are being offered the correct solution, best value for money and a supplier you can trust?

With Universal AV being voted AV Reseller/Integrator of the Year 2016, by leading Industry Experts and peers, you can be sure you are placing yourself in the right hands.

Universal have supplied audio visual solutions for over quarter of a century, supplied stringent frameworks for over a decade and still come out as number 1 preferred supplier. Universal customers expect a certain level of excellence and understand that this is what they receive from Universal.

Universal AV Understand your Audio Visual Needs

The simplest looking specification may often present the greatest challenge, how we innovate/develop is pivotal to our success. The complexity in designing an audio visual solution is that we have to consider a multitude of different media types to combine and produce an intuitive solutions that allows a series of complex operations to be performed. This takes expertise and knowledge, which Universal AV employees boast.

Universal AV Provide Innovation Through Partnership

Key relationships, with leading manufacturers, allows us to go to the market knowing that we are always in the best position to support the customer. We are privy to product demonstrations before many in the industry, and hold supplier events in which road maps are presented to the sales team and project manager, ultimately ensuring that the audio visual solutions we present to customers are current, durable, workable and fit for purpose.

Innovation is understanding technology and the customers requirements and partnering the two together to exceed expectation.

Universal Provide Peace of Mind

Universal provide our clients with peace of mind, we understand what it is like to be a customer, we deliver exactly what we say we will, on time and within budget. Clients appreciate our flexible approach, trust in the solutions we specify and our track record speaks for itself.

Universal Offers the Complete Solution

We are one of the few audio visual companies that can offer a complete solution, from initial concepts and consultancy through to training and aftercare. Our talented team's determination to succeed is relentless; to be challenged and pushed through the realms of AV is what excites us and allows us to create some truly spectacular AV solutions and installations.

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